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Taschino Shirt

On the market since 2018, TASCHINO is a young Italian brand that has made specialization in the men’s shirt industry its strong point. It offers a quality product Made in Italy that tends to meet market needs: from the classic shirt to the casual shirt, from the elegant shirt to the fashion shirt. Necks and cuffs are designed on models of different builds to satisfy every need of the customer and ensure that it is not the man to wear the shirt but the shirt to wear the man.

Trust in quality and Italian style

Refined fabrics, elegant and delicate patterns, deepening of the chromatic choices and care in the combination of the shades of color make a TASCHINO shirt the ideal choice for those who love style and sobriety.

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Taschino Shirt

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Thanks to a constant research between product and technological innovation, to the study of the best fabric and the combination of the elements of a shirt such as sleeves, collar, cuffs and buttons, we combine the needs of the customer with those of the reference markets. TASCHINO has a mission contained in three words: style, quality, customer.